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Allo Ultra 4500 Disposable

Puff: Up to 4000 PuffsBattery: 550mAh Rechargeable Coil: Meshed E-Liquid Capacity: 10mL Airflow: Adjustable
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Banana Ice

Made of rich and smooth bananas and topped off with a hint of coolness.

Blue Raspberry

Made of juicy blue raspberries.

Blueberry Ice

Made of tart and sweet frozen, icy blueberries.

Fuji Apple Ice

Made of crisp and sweet fuji apples, infused with ice.

Grape Ice

Made of juicy purple grapes, cooled off with a cooling sensation


Juicy succulent peaches, ahh.

Pineapple Ice

Made of tropical frozen pineapples.


Is a true cooling sensation with a light touch of sweet spearmint.

Strawberry Banana

A perfect combo or fresh strawberries and banana.

Watermelon Ice

A refreshing and cool frozen watermelon flavour.

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