Madman Nic salt

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A delicately chosen variety of sweet, tart  and juicy strawberries come together resulting in a true treat for your taste buds.Designed to appear simple, yet being ultimately complex, this is not just “another strawberry juice”
A delicately chosen variety of sweet and juicy grapeS
The sweet taste of watermelon you wished you could eat all day as a kid, you can now vape as an adult!
Carefully selected assortment of fresh lemons working in harmony, showcasing a delicious blend of sweet and sour juicy lemons. The nostalgia of your childhood candy shop meets the quenching refreshment of a tall glass of lemonade in this finely crafted recipe.
A delicately chosen variety of sweet and juicy Oranges! If you enjoy Fanta orange pop you will LOVE this ejuice! 
Your favourite Crazy Strawberry and award-winning Crazy Lemon fused into a superb refreshment!
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