Ultimate 60 Salts

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Tiki Tiki

Take your taste buds straight to the tropics with this explosion of fresh fruit flavors.



Sweet juicy peaches and tart, ripe raspberries creating an absolutely irresistible flavor



Flood your taste buds with a delicious blend of sour green apple and refreshing watermelon



Take your taste buds on a trip back to a time when you were young, having fun with your friends and blowing huge bubbles with your favorite classic bubble gum!


Cherry Sparkle

This flavor is the bomb!  The delicious and refreshing taste of classic cola topped off with a hint of mouth watering cherry!


Lemon Lime Sparkle

A crisp and refreshing lemon lime soda.



A refreshing and tasty reminder of your favorite red, white and blue popsicle.


Tiki Tiki Integration

Our Original Tiki Tiki with a tropical twist. Delicious fruit punch blended with crisp apple, mouthwatering pineapple and juicy grape.


Orange Sparkle

Blast your taste buds with the authentic taste of refreshing orange soda.


Pink Sparkle

Reminiscent of times long forgotten, Having fun with friends and chugging bottles of your favorite cream soda.

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