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Allo Sync Pod Pack 3pk

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STLTH Compatible Packs of 3
Each pod holding 2mL of e-liquid
Available in nicotine levels of 20mg and the harder-hitting Bold HIT version

Blue Raspberry
Blue raspberry isn’t actually a real type of fruit – but we wish it was! A little fruity and a little sour, blue raspberry is unlike any other flavour!

Fuji Apple Ice
Researchers in Japan created the Fuji apple to be crisp and delicious! We took that irresistible flavour and combined it with mint, it’s refreshingly delicious!

Grape Ice
There’s a reason that purple grapes are grown all over the world, they’re just that delicious! Grape Ice brings the irresistible flavour of grape together with a cool mint after taste that you’re bound to love.

Strawberry Kiwi
Starting with sweet strawberries on the inhale and finishing with a tang of kiwi on the exhale, this flavour simply does not disappoint.

**All may contain traces of mint and/or menthol.

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