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How to Quit Smoking using Vaping - Part 1 Getting Started.

How to Quit Smoking using Vaping - Part 1 Getting Started.

The following blog posts are a guide to using vapes, not only to quit smoking but to rid yourself of nicotine addiction. 

Vaping is much different than smoking.

The first thing we’d like to note about vaping is that it is so much different than smoking. Specifically in terms of how it reacts with your body. This is because of the lack of combustion and carcinogens within vapes that you’d find in cigarettes. This changes the flavour and impact on your lungs in a major way. So if you find that your vape is making you cough more than a cigarette would usually, rest assured that this will pass and over time, you will get used to the different vapour experience.

Get started with a disposable device!

Making the switch from smoking to vaping can be a tough transition at the start but, trying out a disposable can give you an idea of what flavours work best for you. As well as allow you to go through somewhat of a trial process before you commit to a more affordable, refillable device. Some disposables I would highly recommend to start with would include: 

Flip Bar Disposable - 9000 puffs

  • Extremely low price point for the puff count.
  • Each device contains two different flavours, providing you with a better opportunity to get an idea of what flavours you like.

Elf Bar B10000 Disposable - 10000 puffs

  • Top notch quality. 
  • A wide variety of flavour options.
  • Not quite as cheap as the Flip Bar but, still a very competitive price point. 

Luke Grunow

At FreeStyle Vapes, we’re proud to be a smoking cessation retailer and we want to help you on your journey to being smoke free. Visit us at any of our locations and our trained Sales Associates can help you find what works for you.

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