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Part 4 Gradually Reducing Nicotine Strength.

Part 4 Gradually Reducing Nicotine Strength.

Gradually Reducing Nicotine Strength

One of the most important steps to successfully rid yourself of nicotine addiction is to gradually lower the nicotine strength your body is used to having.

I recommend you start on 20mg/ml and after a few bottles or when you feel comfortable, lower down to 12mg/ml. Do the same with 12mg/ml until you feel ready to lower the strength again. From there if your device allows it, continue to reduce the nicotine content down into sub-ohm nicotine at 6mg/ml then down to 3mg/ml. If your device doesn’t recommend the use of sub-ohm nicotine, it may be time to make the switch into a different vaping device that suits your needs better. Once you're on 3mg/ml, you should take some extra time to ensure your body is used to this low level of nicotine. 

Once you think you're ready to do so, drop down to 0mg/ml. At this stage it is extremely important to understand that smoking and vaping not only cause a dependence on nicotine but also a psychological reliance on having something for your hands and mouth to do. This craving typically arises when stress or boredom are at their peak. So taking this extra step to stay on 0mg for a bottle or two can really aid you in getting away from nicotine, while still allowing you to relieve that itch to hit something. 

Once you’ve finished a bottle or two, it’s time to keep a record of the amount of puffs you're taking on a daily basis. With this information in mind, gradually and sustainably reduce the amount of puffs you take on a daily basis by an interval you find achievable (I.E. reducing by 100 puffs a day, 50 puffs a day, etc.). Continue this process until you are ready to stop vaping entirely. 

Give yourself time

With all of this being said about how to quit vaping, it is not a perfect science. If you find yourself needing to go back up in nicotine or even return to vaping after fully quitting. That is completely okay! It is better to give yourself the proper time to quit, rather than rushing yourself and returning to smoking out of frustration. 

It would be great if all there was to quitting nicotine was fighting withdrawals and getting through. But as we all know, life gets in the way. Any stress at all can cause a further reliance on any substance, nicotine especially included. So if you're not in a mental space to endure some extra stress on your plate, take your time and slowly reduce your nicotine strength whenever you feel comfortable to do so.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to us virtually or in store. We wish you all the best in your journey towards eliminating nicotine addiction. 

Luke Grunow 

At FreeStyle Vapes, we’re proud to be a smoking cessation retailer and we want to help you on your journey to being smoke free. Visit us at any of our locations and our trained Sales Associates can help you find what works for you.

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