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Flavour Beast Flow Disposable

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Puff: Up to 4000 Puffs
Battery: Rechargeable
Coil: Meshed
E-Liquid Capacity: 10ml
Airflow: Adjustable

Gusto Green Apple

Delicious granny smith apples, made of pure crisp green apple goodness!

Blazin Banana Blackberry

A blast of sweet and tart blackberries, topped off with smooth and rich bananas.

Bomb Blue Razz

An explosion of deliciously tart blue raspberry for your taste buds!

Bussin Banana Ice

The taste of oozing sweet and rich bananas!

Extreme Mint Ice

A freezing extreme cool mint flavour.

Gnarly Green D

A super refreshing green honeydew flavour, crisp and sweet, perfect for the summer heat.

Lemon Squeeze Ice

A blast of zesty lemons, squeezed and iced.

Lit Lychee Watermelon Ice

Made of exotic lychees infused with refreshing and juicy watermelons.

Mad Mango Peach

An infusion of tropical sweet mangoes and fuzzy succulent peaches. Flavour overload that will for sure drive you into madness!

Packin' Peach Berry

A candy fruit flavour, long lasting and super satisfying!

Ragin Razz Mango Ice

A super flavourful blend of tart raspberries with fresh and sweet juicy mangoes.

Sic Strawberry Ice

Made from hand-picked fresh strawberries and iced.

Slammin STS (Sour Snap)

An awakening burst of sour candy goodness on every puff!

Wild White Grape Ice

A mix of juicy and sweet white grapes on ice.

Flippin' Fruit Flash

A burst of sweet candy flavour that pops on your taste buds on every puff!

Chillin' Coffee Ice

Deliciously rich coffee blend, shaken up and served in an ice cold vape.

STR8 Up Straw Banana

A true and tried strawberry banana blend served with a chilling exhale.

Watermelon G

Sweet refreshing watermelon juice, served with an ice-cold kick.

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