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Nektar Carnival Nic Salt

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Amazing Nic Salt designed and made in Canada!
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Cherry Lime
This is the cherry you’ve been searching for. A delicious red ripe cherry handpicked and muddled with a splash of citrus lime. This combo truly is sublime!

A delicious treat for all to eat! This bright pink fluffy flavour will leave you wanting to go to the carnival.

Kind of sweet, a little bit sour? This candy will make you feel like you’re a kid again! This one is for all the nerds who just can't get enough of some good flavours.

Melon Berry - Clearance
Wanting something a little different? This sweet and tart combo of lucious candied melons and juicy mixed berries makes for one mouth watering combo!

Moonburst - Clearance
A citrusy sweet candy reminding you of a chewy childhood favourite. Mouthfuls of sweet oranges and a candy that will have you jumping over the moon.

Make it rain with this combo of fruity punches. This flavour will make you truly “taste the rainbow”

There’s a lot of fish in the sea and this flavour is one of them! When you dip into this staff favourite flavour.

The Keys
Don’t you love a sweet and sour taste? This flavour packs a punch giving you the key to your sour heart.

Watermelon - Clearance
A classic delectable watermelon e-liquid. When you want something lush you better get a taste of this.

50% VG 50% PG

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