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Nice Shots Flavour Enhancer

Nice Shots Flavour Enhancer.
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Nice Shots Flavour Enhancers are premium quality, high-concentration flavour enhancers that are food grade and can be used for a variety of uses.

We recommend using 2-3 drops per 500ml of liquid (water or other liquids) and taste before adding more flavouring. You can customize and experiment to your unique taste!

We also recommend thoroughly mixing Nice Shots Flavour Enhancer in any liquid before use.

Nice Shots Flavour Enhancers come in 10ml bottles.


Nice Shots Flavour Enhancer concentrates will not go bad; at least not in the sense that they shouldn't be used. They can, however, change over time with exposure to oxygen and light. This exposure can cause subtle changes in the character or intensity of the flavour,

Nice Shots Flavour Enhancers are best stored slightly cooler than room temperature, with minimal exposure to light. Refrigeration is not necessary.

Best by dates vary, but typically range from 8 to 24 months. These dates are not set in stone, and most of the time flavours will still taste great far beyond the listed date.

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