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Vuse ePod 2pk

Vuse ePod 2 Pack.
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Golden Tobacco
A bright tobacco flavour with a smooth taste.

Grape Ice
Grape filled flavour with a touch of ice.

Iced Blueberry
Delicious blueberries with and icy finish.

Iced Watermelon
Juicy watermelon on ice.

White peach with a hint of delicate floral notes.

Polar Mint
An expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation.

Rich Mix
A rich mix of aromas for and unexpected tobacco experience.

Smooth Tobacco
Mellow and subtle flavour.

A rich vanilla taste with a smooth texture.

Banana Ice
Creamy banana flavour with an icy cool twist.

Creamy Peach
Sweet and creamy peach vape flavour features hints of vanilla and honeysuckle.

Apple Sour
A crisp green apple flavour with a refreshing sour tang.

An intense spearmint kick from beginning to end.

Rich Tobacco
A rich and intense tobacco experience.

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