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Vuse ePod 2pk

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Mango Wonder

A juicy, tropical and refreshing taste experience that is better than ever.


A deep yet light blend of dark cherry and red fruit notes.


A rich vanilla taste with a smooth texture.

Golden Tobacco

A bright tobacco flavour with a smooth taste.

Smooth Mint

A subtle and silky cooling mint.


Cucumber freshness with an element of tanginess.


A ripe blueberry taste with some berry notes.

Blood Orange

An orange flavour with red pomegranate notes.


A combination of Lychee flavour and mango notes.


Tropical passionfruit with almond notes.


A fusion of strawberry with green fruit notes.


A watermelon flavour, with a blend of subtle green notes.

Lemon Berry

A blend of lemon, citrus and pink grapefruit notes, highlighted by hints of berries.

Smooth Tobacco

Mellow and subtle flavour.


White peach with a hint of delicate floral notes.


A smooth, clear and satisfying flavour-free experience.

Rich Mix

A rich mix of aromas for and unexpected tobacco experience.

Exotic Mix

A pack of 2 Exotic Mix vape pods, enveloped in exotic, luscious and sweet aromas with subtle roasted nuances.

Cool Peppermint

A balanced cooling peppermint taste.

Polar Mint

An expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation.

Mango Iced

A burst of mango flavour with an icy twist.

Velvety Mix

A delectably indulgent and aromatic mix with a warm velvety finish.

Fresh Spearmint

A sweet spearmint with a cool hint.

Forest Mint

A luscious and sweet mint flavour with a fresh cooling hue.

River Mint

A zesty and juicy mint flavour with a subtle cooling hue.
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