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Nektar Mint Nic Salt

C$26.99 C$10.00
Designed and made in Canada!
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Have it alone or mix it with a different flavour to make it extra ICY. This menthol is perfect for those who love a classic chill.

You can never go wrong with a burst of sweet mint! Lucious and full this mint is one you can chew on as if it was your favourite piece of gum.

Fresh Mint - Clearance
Who doesn’t love a fresh taste? This mint is perfect for those who want an all day vape and love to stay minty fresh.

Mountain Mint - Clearance
Refresh, Breath, Inhale. This cool sensation will be perfect for the mint lovers who like a breath of fresh air.

Peppermint - Clearance
Remembering your fav Christmas treat... This customized e-liquid gives you minty sweetness you won't forget.

A true staff favourite! This mouth watering deep tone of mint will leave you wanting more.

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