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Nektar Fruits Nic Salt

Designed and made in Canada!
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Blueberry Pomegranate

This unusual blend will leave your taste buds tingling. These dark blueberries and a finish of fresh, juicy pomegranate will leave you wanting more.

Blue Raspberry

A classic flavour no one ever forgets. This fresh blue raspberry will put the others behind.

Cactus Lime Coconut

Citrus lime and a beautiful hint of fruity cactus will immerse you into a tropical blend ending with a coconut punch to level everything out.

Fuji Apple Nectarine Watermelon

If fruity is what you like you'll love this one. To keep things nice and fresh we have bright fuji apples with juicy nectarine and a watermelon twist to lighten things up.

Lychee Watermelon

We wear pink on Wednesdays! Dip into this refreshingly sweet mix of luscious lychee and thirst quenching watermelon. The cool chill at the end will be perfect for our menthol loving vapors!

Orange Black Cherry

Bang! You've mixed between some crazy flavours. A ripe citrusy orange and a rich mouthful of black cherry - you will be grasping on just to get another taste!

Strawberry Banana

A wondrous melody of your favourite smoothie. This strawberry banana blend will take you right back to enjoying a freshly blended smoothie on a warm summer day.

Strawberry Kiwi

We're going on a ride with your favourite medley! Sweet ripe strawberries with a nice tart kiwi to balance this classic taste.

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